Men's Health

As men get older, they can suffer from hormonal imbalances, in particular low levels of testosterone. Deficiency symptoms can come on gradually, and often men who have reduced testosterone production don't know what hit them.  Symptoms tend to appear earlier and be more severe in men who have had a vasectomy. Symptoms of low hormone levels in men can include:

Lack of Energy    ●   Decrease in Physical Stamina  ●   Depression

Weight Gain & Increase in Waist Size  ●  Burned-out Feeling

Loss of Motivation  ●  Increase in Aches and Pains  ●  Problems with Impotence

Increased Irritability  ●  Decrease in Muscle Mass  ●   Feeling Older than Actual Age

Problems with Memory  ●   Sleep Disturbances  ●  Difficulty Coping With Stress

Men suffer from andropause, and benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.
Re-balancing hormone levels for men can result in significant improvement in quality of life

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